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Pilates Instruction (All sessions are 55 minutes):

Private Sessions on the equipment:
A workout using all Pilates equipment, the Reformer, the Barrel, the Cadillac and the Chair. This session will be geared to your needs and level. Levels are not solely dependent on your experience with Pilates, but on your overall physical health and ability.

Semi-Private Sessions:
In a group of two or three you work out on the Tower, the Reformer, also the Chair and Barrel. Sign up with your friend(s) and you can get back in shape together! Beginner groups, intermediate groups or advanced groups can be formed.

Pilates Mat classes:
Public class on a walk in bases. Using small props (the roller, the magic circle, small balls) your core will be challenged in a work out on the mat. There are Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level mat classes.

Teacher Training in Pilates:
Teacher training is a comprehensive regiment of anatomical, instructional, and theoretical education. Martina has trained numerous instructors who now have successful practices of their own. Depending on the availability of the prospective trainee, teacher training may take anywhere from six months to two years.

Pilates Seminars:
Martina has toured the world, giving seminars on topics like; the pelvic floor, and Pilates during pregnancy. Her thoughtful approach has a proven track record of success in helping others to be more aware of the physiological, anatomical, and practical applications of Pilates (for both professional instruction and private clients).

Therapeutic bodywork and stretching can be combined in one unique experience. Traditional massage available. Treat yourself to a relaxing session!